Month: September 2014

Sorry iOS, I’m in love with someone else

Move over iOS, I’m creating on Android now.

I found a new love. I’m excited and I want to tell everyone about it. Android is fun as hell to develop for! Don’t get me wrong, the tools are crazy hard and flaky compared to XCode. You have to deal with the crankiness of Eclipse, the god-awful speed of emulators, and the unfathomable error messages when one of your XML files is not well formed. It reminds me of the 90’s when we were programming for Windows in our DOS editors and we had our little monochrome monitors on the side to run the debugger. I loved those days. It was scary but I knew it was only going to get better. I have that same great feeling with Android development. It was downright awful and it’s gritty now, but I know it will only get better.

Yes, everyone is working on tools and libraries so it’s totally chaotic. Yes, we Android engineers will have to suck it up and bear with all the tool pipeline glitches. And yes, there will be consolidation in the tools market and yes, the quality of tools will rise to the top and yes, engineering productivity will continue to increase. It’s fun now and it will be great in the future.

I’m jazzed about the openness of the Android platform. No certificate nightmares. Build apps, connect to hardware, go for it. For someone who has been involved in lots of real-world hardware projects, I love that I can just start building, integrating, testing. I don’t have to apply to get into a special program to get my external device certified to work with my mobile device. I can just start experimenting. Love it.

And the world-wide potential for this platform is huge! Not only will we be building more and more mobile applications, we will be creating new wearable devices and new embedded devices. That future totally dwarfs the other platforms out there.

So sorry iOS, I still love you very much and I’m sure I’ll continue to work on your computers and talk on your phones, but my life work will be on Android. I hope we can still be friends.

Oh and one last thing… It’s not you, it’s me.