Android Studio Run Configuration for Endpoints Backend

I love developing Android apps so I’m getting acquainted with Android Studio 1.0.2. I have used Eclipse a bunch for Android development and I used a previous version of Android Studio for a project last year — it went pretty well. Now I’m digging in, getting to know the version 1.0 release of what appears to be a great tool.

One of things I’m really interested in is using Android Studio for developing my Google Cloud Endpoints backend code so I rolled up my sleeves and dove right in.

In reading this tutorial, the concept seems great. I just create a new module for my backend and it shows up in my IDE as another aspect of my project. Very easy, very cool. Here’s the problem. The documentation and tutorials say that a new Run Configuration for your backend module should be created during the process. In my endeavors, I found that no such Run Configuration was created.

No biggie, the documentation should tell me how to create one if one was not provided for me. Yep. Not so much.

So I hunted around looking for anything that let me know how to create a Run Configuration for my back end. I found nothing except a fuzzy screen shot (can’t find it anymore — sorry) of a Run Configuration that someone captured that almost fully showed the settings for the Run Configuration screen.

So I finally got it working and here’s what I ended up with.

In Android Studio, select Edit Configurations… from the menu you see when you click on the little drop down list that contains your app Run Configuration. On that screen, hit the little + button to create a new configuration. Select App Engine DevAppServer. Then you’ll see a blank Run Configuration screen. Here’s what I put into the fields on that screen for my project called AttendanceTracker and the name of my backend module is backend.

  • Name: backend
  • Module: backend
  • App Engine SDK: /Users/paul/Code/sdks/appengine-java-sdk-1.9.15
  • War Path: /Users/paul/Code/android/AttendanceTracker/backend/build/exploded-app
  • VM Args: <blank>
  • Server Addres: localhost
  • Server Port: 8080
  • Before Launch: Make
  • None of the checkboxes are checked.

Enpoint Run Config

That’s where I am right now. My test server seems to ramp up and work. Let me know if you know something obviously that I missed when trying to figure this out.

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