I’ve run my own companies over the last 25+ years creating many software products that have reached millions of users. I can help you point your company in the right direction and help you get to where you need to be.

I’ve worked in many industries including consumer travel software, games, medical diagnostics, golf and solar. Whatever the industry, I work with you to target your next most important goals then plan and build the software you need to get there. I’m all about bang for your buck and getting you maximum return on your investment whether it be crucial sales or those next investment dollars. Reduce your risk by joining forces with me to help define your future technical direction.

I work for my clients on any number of topics:

♦ Long term technical road map
♦ Technical architecture
♦ Task break down and estimation
♦ ROI analysis
♦ Hiring needs
♦ Management processes
♦ Training plans
♦ Security analysis
♦ Root cause discovery
♦ Risk analysis and mitigation

Call me, let’s chat.

Paul Lamoreux

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