Even though I’ve been developing software for about 25 years, I’m mainly working with these technologies:

  • Android
  • Java
  • JSON
  • AngularJS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • RESTful Interfaces

In a nutshell, I love software and everything that goes into building it. It’s all I’ve ever done. I build software projects to get you to your next level, for example:

  • Working prototype to get you that first round of funding
  • New software to get you that first customer
  • Enhancements to get a new segment of customers

I help you architect a path to success and then build the software to get you there.

Here’s what I do

I architect solutions. I hire people. I lead teams. I create strategic plans. I break tasks down into bite sized pieces. I estimate time requirements. I ask questions in response to people’s questions when they’re stuck. I develop budgets. I get out of the way so people can work. I protect people from being disturbed so they can work. I research and choose technologies. I iterate. I adapt. I keep track of what people are doing. I analyze tools. I code. I understand other folks’ code. I read financials. I edit contracts. I nurture external relationships. I communicate with stakeholders. I focus on the big idea and know the details. I build bridges between people who don’t understand each other. I automate processes. I tear ideas apart to help make sure ideas are good. I hunt down answers. I keep it simple. I ship product. I celebrate.

Along the way

I respect the folks who had the balls to start the company and I say thank you to them for giving me a job. I allow myself to disagree with the folks who started the company and I respect their decisions. I stick around. I work at work. I tell the truth. I speak up. I step up. I listen. I don’t complain. I say thank you and please.

Some “For Instances”

Know people and deal
If you want someone to figure out that programmer in the corner who is ridiculously smart, hates being on a team and never has anything positive to say, I’m your guy.

Find people
If you are looking for someone to design a beautiful look for your new software, let me know and I can help you find her. I love awesome look and feel. I can’t draw it.

If you build a wifi toaster and need someone to retrieve information from it and send commands to it, I can do that. I do not build wifi toasters.

Implement a great idea
If you need someone in charge of actually making that new dream a reality, say the word and we will have a ton of fun together getting it built.

Team one
If you need to trust your team members to put the best interest of the team first, then I should be on that team.

Social and emotional safety
If you want to create a safe environment where employees have the freedom to do their best work and the security to take risks and speak up, put me in charge.

Predictable/Consistent performer
If you need a predictable, consistent contributor in your organization, then I can be of service.

If you need to pivot, I’ll be there to discuss, contribute and support.

Stay on track
Big picture + day to day details.

Paul Lamoreux

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